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contact angle-DSA-X contact angle-DSA-X TF200 optical thickness gauge TF200 optical thickness gauge Quanta SEM Force Tensiometer – K100 Force Tensiometer – K100

Guangzhou Betop Scientific Ltd. is a scientifically driven company engaged in providing the best experimental analysis devices, materials for high tech company, universities and research institutions. The good relationship to instrument manufacturers and users working at universities or companies helps us cumulate comprehensive knowledge to give the advanced and reliable technical services and solutions for our customers in testing, analyzing and manufacturing.

We keep the motto “Touch the Future” as the core culture for our long-term development since the company was founded. Our customers are the pioneers in their industry; our products, services and technologies are of high quality and reliability, which have gained the recognition from our customers. We concentrate our advantage on material R&D, testing and production, which covers battery, solar and luminescent materials...

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